Visitations & Conversations

'Let me say right now that Carole is one of the most honest people I have met. Do I believe all this stuff? What is there to believe or disbelieve? Carole knows things I do not. She gives advice and seems unnervingly accurate.'

Professor Ray J Paul, (Emeritus, Brunel University)

'Having had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Carole, I can tell you, she's the read deal and more. Visitations & Conversations will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate the truth that Carole helps us all to see - that life endures beyond the grave and all we've been told about living and dying needs to be re-examined. 

Joey Media, Author of 'Watch out for the Hallway'

'In this poignant account of her life as a Medium  Carole shares what it is like to live and work with Spirits. A must for those who has ever wondered about the survival of life after death on the other side.

I Had a Gift I Didn't Know or Understand

How well would you, or could you understand something you know nothing about - until it happens? 

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Professor Ian Angell

(Emeritus, LSE)

Carole Bromley is a Psychic Medium, author of ‘The Living Spirit, One Woman’s Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits and The Living’.  Carole is also a gifted 21st Century Medium who is highly acclaimed for her acute honesty in delivering accurate messages from the spirit world. 


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