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Believe it or not Healing starts from within.

No matter who you are, you will always feel the need to help those who need help. Whether they are family, friends or colleagues or even people we don't know, or have never met but know through social media someone who needs help.

Yet, you know only too well how, no matter how you feel you will be compelled to help someone where you know help is needed. Even if you are feeling under the weather, suffering from a permanent or temporary condition, it doesn't matter - you will want to help. Because it's in you. It's who you are.

I want to reach out to you now. You! the one who is there for everyone! the one who neglects to heal themselves! STOP! and take a breath. You cannot save the world, this much is true. But, you can save yourself from exhaustion, tiredness, feeling de-motivated, lacking self-esteem, feeling anxious and stressed. Feeling worthless, undervalued. Feeling, burnt out, lack-lustre, deflated, and all because you didn't take care of YOU!

NOW! change this system into something more productive for your mind, body and spirit. CHANGE comes from within. You are in charge of your 'engine.' YOU can put the brakes on at anytime. But, first, you need to know how. You need to know if you really can implement and endorse change for YOU. I want to tell you how you CAN! but you have to listen, focus, feel determined, committed and disciplined to feel a brand new motivated, happy, bouncy, balanced, productive, empowered, enlightened, rejuvinated all loving person. The SECRET to a successful new you is ... a paper planner! Yes! Plan your year, month, week or day so you know roughly how, where, when you will spend your energies. For some, no day is ever the same because it cannot be planned. But, you can plan the things you enjoy, the people you want to see and hang out with. You will see just how you can make use of any 'spare' time. Trust me, if you do this right you will have plenty of time to work on yourself. So, try it. Use a diary and put yourself first and allow the healing to begin. Plan ahead. Plan a new you ... because your worth it!

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