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Actualizado: 24 de may de 2020

Hannah (Photo my sister, Christine, who also guides me from the Spirit World)

The Voice

So, that little voice I kept hearing for many years turned out to be my best friend and confidante. Yes! that little voice telling me things was actually my Spirit Guide Hannah.

Who is Hannah?

Hannah, is my communicating spirit guide. She is someone who acts as 'bouncer' on the door to the Spirit World whenever I am working. She makes sure there's no fisticuffs with the spirits who want to enter. But, rather keeps them in some form order - where order is possible! Sometimes, it's like last orders at the bar when you get the rush before the bar shuts. That's how spirit is, and that's when Hannah has to do her 'thing' as the 'bouncer'!

I actually didn't meet Hannah in the beginning of my spiritual journey for almost 2 years. It was one night she came to me in a dream. She called out my name, it was so surreal, I was asleep, yet felt awake. Hannah, called out her name as she spoke to me. I saw her as she stood in the middle of a battle field. She showed me the young boy soldiers, young men and men who were laying dead on the ground. I could smell blood as I looked around at all the wounded. Hannah took me to a concrete building with make shift camp beds where soldiers lay, dead and alive. Hannah was a nurse in the Crimean war. She healed the sick and comforted the wounded. Something she continues to do today, but through me.

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